Introduction to Horticulture (HORT 100)

Offered every semester, this introductory course provides the essential horticultural foundation for students interested in urban food production. The course introduces students to the basics of plant biological processes (e.g., photosynthesis and respiration) and the impact of environmental and management factors (e.g., temperature, precipitation, and fertilizer) on plants. Students then use their knowledge of plant biology to explore the production and marketing of various horticultural plants and products including fruits and vegetables, nuts, flowers, trees, and grasses.  

Urban Food Production (HORT 435)November 19, 2012 Chicago 045

Explore opportunities and challenges for maximizing the productivity and sustainability of urban food production systems considering agricultural, environmental, social, and economic issues. Students will examine the science and practice of urban agriculture through scientific and popular literature, case studies, online discussion, and service-learning opportunities. Production systems covered will include both outdoor (e.g., vacant lot urban farms) and controlled environment (e.g., hydroponics and aquaponics) agriculture. This is an online course (available to on- and off-campus students) offered every fall semester.